We were only really in Ibiza for two full days but it was enough time to absorb the goodness that is sun and palm trees after a year of rain.

Ten girls in all were celebrating Trish for her bachelorette/hen. We had a very fun and perfect day of boating and drinking (with Jordy our sober driver and tour guide) and a very fun and perfect day of hanging out our villa’s pool and drinking (with Jordy the blow up doll as our entertainment). Nights were spent the Ibizan way: eating dinner super late and then people-watching/dancing at beautiful outdoor lounge/club spots.

Ibiza is almost perfect. It just needs more hip hop, and less club music. Why do so many people like club music? It makes me want to punch my jawbone.

Here are a few (mostly non-bikini b/c not my place to publicize!) photos out of the thousands between all the girls.

And now, the family is headed to St. Lucia for Melissa the Childminder/Nannyshare/Nursery Worker/Babysitter’s wedding. Although two island destinations in a row seems like an embarrassment of riches, I promise they are small consolation for London’s record-breaking apocalyptic rain. Even the puffins can’t handle it.


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