1 year!

Simy soomy, you love staring at lights and you point to them. You smile when I say “light”! It was my first word. I feel like maybe you know that in your little heart. My heart too. Because like your brother is, you are my heart walking around outside my body.

You crawl so fast, and stand up and get into and onto everything. You love to say woof. We had to buy a video monitor off eBay because you are silent when you wake up in the morning or from naps. We realized that for months, each day you were just sitting there for hours on end. You shimmy so hard when Daddy makes this one particular noise and face. Jonah loves making you laugh and you love to laugh at him. You dance and you can’t even help it. You are not that into toys. You prefer our electronics. You wave with so much wrist, it’s a sight to behold. You like standing in the bath. You are in the top 5% for weight and length. Simon, you can totally dominate 95% of all baby-toddlers. You don’t care how often Jonah sits on you and you have stopped letting him get away with grabbing your toys. We came back from a weekend away at a wedding and when you were laughing, we realized you had four new teeth on top. Four. It’s possible you had them for weeks. That’s definitely us as parents in a nutshell.

The other day at this drop-in playgroup you were off doing your thing amidst hordes of children and toys and totally happy to explore. I was chatting it up with some mum friends when eventually I figured I should locate your whereabouts. When I found you – smiling your humongous carefree smile – you had a huge scratch on one cheek. It was so bright red with fresh blood. There was never the sound of children crying or screaming so I couldn’t figure out if it was a fight or what. My friend Jen said, “I wonder what the other guy looks like.” I realized right then how perfect it was. Because that’s kind of you, Simon: you’re like an outdoor cat. You come home pretty self-satisfied and with battle wounds, and you leave the mysteries of your whereabouts and adventures to the imagination.

You happen to also be a mama’s boy. Gulp. (That’s me holding in sobs.)

Happy 1st birthday, Simon! All day yesterday I was thinking it was the last day I had with a baby. Today you’re a toddler. Baby, toddler, whatever. You are Simon: the smiliest, handsomest, happiest, chubbiest, cleverest, perfectest, lovedest one-year old in all the land.


and Daddy and Jonah too



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2 responses to “1 year!

  1. Why does the penguin keep getting smaller?

  2. Sonjey

    This year went by super fast. I remember how hard mommy tried to push you out on her own. We are so blessed to have you in our world. We want you closer and will count the days until you and your precious brother and ma and pa are back home xxxxoooi

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