totally patriotic expats!

I was so excited to see a London paper interviewing Yankee expats for 4th of July yesterday, until I read the article. Are we surprised they spoke only to whiny (whingey) turncoats? Had they interviewed me, I would have said how proud I am – despite health care policy, the intersection of politics and religion, ubiquity of guns and violence, parental leave policies, preservatives in food, food policies generally, no ability to reserve seats in a movie theater and the fact they still have to take your credit card away from you when settling the bill at a restaurant – to be American.

Our day started off disappointing. Everyone in my neighborhood was acting like it was just another day. But then the sun came out, and I found this disgusting thing in Waitrose.

And our friends saved us from a total lack of celebrations. Yay, Independence!

I just feel better when I can make one of those awful flag cakes.

Now I am totally getting psyched for Bastille Day.


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One response to “totally patriotic expats!

  1. Oh man, they really found the most heinous Americans they could for that article, didn’t they?

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