holy sh*t, mother nature

Well, the boys’ combined birthday party was this past Saturday, and the weather forecast had us pretty worried. It was planned to be our third annual party in our favorite spot in Regent’s Park. The forecast was calling for chill and rain though and I even had to send an email out to the guests during the week that it might be cancelled, and that there was no Plan B. I figured after great luck the past two years we were due to be disappointed.

But lo and behold, while much of the US was being torn a new one by Mother Nature, she smiled upon London and said “For one day, and one day only this entire spring and summer, I will shine my happy light upon you.” And so she did. And it was good. And our wonderful friends made the trek and ate KFC and Roary the Racing Car cake and drank beer and feted our two little boys who loved every minute of the celebrations. As did we.


Things are back to normal though, don’t worry.


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One response to “holy sh*t, mother nature

  1. Happy birthday little boys!!! Love the pictures! They are so cute!

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