I knew that when it was 30 days and less, I was going to start going giddy. I don’t know why. It’s not like I even know what to expect. And it could be all Krazytown with London gridlocked.

But I’m just excited.

You know what’s shady though? This:

I’m pretty positive that usually the sales are in the stores the whole month of July. I mean, that’s one of the many things I love about this great nation: the order of things. Kids wear school uniforms; Construction workers wear uniforms; ATMs will not work past 9pm; People queue for everything; All stores are on sale in January and July. Bam, done.

But clearly this year the stores want everything back to full price when the Olympics visitors arrive. Hmmmm.

Speaking of Olympics, Bryan’s mom will be coming for part of it. Sandra is now officially retired from teaching and can begin her exciting life of travel and childcare (we have another nephew on the way!). Last week she was feted at her middle school on Long Island for her many years of service as a teacher and it sounds like it was a beautiful and well-deserved night for her. Bryan flew in to New York to surprise her.

Bryan also got to see a lot of our friends in New York, and some of their offspring, and I was green with envy. This will be my first “summer” in London with no East Coast trip. I was watching Slingbox the other day and a commercial came on American tv for Hebrew National hot dogs, and I swear I got a lump in my throat. One day, hot dog, one day.

 I made do though and the kids and I had a nice weekend with various friends. Bryan always rejects the idea of boating in Regent’s Park, so without his bad attitude to weigh us down, we took to the water. Jonah and his bestie loved it.


Tuesday was my last official day at work. I know that sounds ridiculous since I haven’t actually worked in a year. Maternity leave, yo! But Tuesday was it. So I went in the office to bring some cookies and send a goodbye email. Of course there are things and people I will miss. And now I have more of the Great Unknown. But I am enjoying the kids, at least while it’s summertime. Someone needs to check back with me in a few months.

So I was doing okay with saying goodbye/see you later to my working life. But then when I got home, I pulled out my ID card to put it in the envelope given to me to return all my work property. And this fell out, and then I was gutted:

I mean, look how close I was to a free chai latte.

(sad face emoticon)



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5 responses to “29 DAYS UNTIL THE OLYMPICS!

  1. Sonjey

    Not to worry yael. I promise to surprise you with some Hebrew nationals. Get a grill! And don’t allow me to shop!

  2. Jac

    ATMs – OK, the time has finally come to comment on this longrunning letimotiv of the Yael blog. Cashpoints are now all programmed to stop working if they detect someone trying to tamper with them. The Marylebone area has endemic problems with fraudsters trying to attach card readers etc to ATMs. It’s because it’s a very wealthy area, with lots of tourists and foreigners who would be less likely to get suspicious than a local. The ATMs in Portland Place are apparently the most targetted in the country. So that’s the cause of your problems. In most of the UK, ATMs work after 9 pm. Essentially, don’t you see, the fault is yours for living somewhere so scmantzy? The issue with the UK banks you should be blogging about is the number of grand Victorian money-palaces which have been converted into bars. If, like me, you’d ever been slogging round Newcastle looking for a cashpoint, finally sighting a bank like building, only for it, on your approach, to be revealed as a hip new bar, you would feel like Beau Geste, lost in the desert, seeing his fifth consecutive oasis dissolve as a mirage. It’s irksome. Invidious. IRRITATING! As bad as your ATM issue any day.

    Great blog. Keep it up.

    • yael

      Your explanation totally makes sense. I believe it. How did you get that Portland Place statistic? If those are the most targeted in the country, that is amazing. I hope that Sainsbury’s then has the highest beer sales as well.
      I have only taken a train through Newscastle (although found it very beautiful) so I can’t vouch for the bank building-turned-hip bars issue. It has been done so much in NY though, I can visualize/visualise. I know this will not be a popular thing to say but, I am always happy when they’re bars. They are such beautiful spaces architecturally and design-wise, it seems nice to enjoy for hours over some wine or pints rather than me at some brusque uncomfortable meeting with someone wearing a polyester suit and telling me the bad news about overdrawing my account.
      That said, I do miss the ubiquity of those coin machines where you could convert your change to bills. I think the trendy new bars should have kept those. Someone should tell Boris Johnson my new idea.

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