have you seen this yet?

Probably you have because this latest one came out a few days ago which in internet time means it’s from the Jurassic age.

But look- my brother alerted my family to it and none of us can stop thinking about it. Because, as ever, Matt Harding will make you laugh, cry, dance and be happy. Even if it’s only for 4:53 minutes. I’m glad he is still doing this. I guess he may never stop. I hope not.



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5 responses to “have you seen this yet?

  1. I remember watching his older videos a couple years back. Glad to see Matt is still dancing!

    • yael

      Thanks for visiting!
      Btw, I didn’t know Canada gave the world peanut butter. That fact makes me love Canada even more than I already did (which was a lot).

  2. Meghan

    That totally made me cry – out of complete joy and happiness. And make a mental note to book my next trip and never again trash the people here in Seattle, b/c if he lives here, then this city is A-Ok.

    • yael

      I am glad you got the warm and fuzzies like I did.

      Would it be bad to point out Matt is also a transplant to Seattle? It may just be that all the newbies are awesome. IJS.

  3. A Richmond girl

    I’d love to know how all of these trips are funded. Oh yes, and, … That was ah-mazing! V. cool.

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