jonah the big boy

Happy birthday, my first born!

Today you are officially no longer a toddler, Jonah. I can hardly believe it myself. But since I bet you still want to throw tantrums and wear a nappy, and I still want your sweet cuddles and afternoon naps, let’s make a pact to ease into preschooler life slowly.

To Daddy and me, you are everything + everything squared x everything to the nth power. You are our perfection. Our raison d’etre. Our giggle fits. And since it would be more fun to play cars in your room than to type a note, I’ll wait until another day to write you a letter.

We’re just so glad you like your present.


your very privileged Mommy



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4 responses to “jonah the big boy

  1. toshalot

    Happy birthday, sweetest Jonah! I love how much he loves the camera 😉

  2. kate

    Happy Birthday Big Boy!!! Wow!!

  3. sonjey

    Happy Birthday, Jonah…. we love, love, love you and i guess we love Kermit, too!

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