bt tower

The thing we’ll miss the most from our old flat is the view.

If you hold up a magnifying glass, you can see the London Eye.

We’ve moved just three floors down but we could be in another country. The height mattered. The irony was that for all my bitching about the scaffolding and tarps blocking the front views, 4 of the 5 rooms in the flat looked out towards the unobstructed back. We could see all the way to the London Eye. And to rooftop photo shoots and to the quiet goings on of life from a vantage above.

But more importantly, the BT Tower became seared in our happy memories. It’s the least likely London landmark to develop such a strong attachment to, but it’s now my favorite forever and ever. It’s one of the few landmarks not surrounded by other important tourist sites. To catch a view of it can help you navigate your way around. The Information Band at the top of the tower often scrolls topical messages and graphics along with certain holidays or events and it was a favorite game of Jonah’s to point them out for us. He particularly liked Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer throughout December.

If it wasn’t for Jonah, I wouldn’t have even seen the two different days of rainbows.

We’ll just miss it, that’s all. It’s just not the same from the street.



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3 responses to “bt tower

  1. toshalot

    and it was the first thing jonah rushed to show me when i walked in the door, the view from *my* room 😉

  2. sonjey

    Wow,,, what beautiful pictures to treasure…… an Awesome sight!

  3. Great pictures! Enjoy the new flat!

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