isle of wight (and the jubilee has left the building)

We were in Isle of Wight for just 48 hours but it was plenty of time to beautifully dodge the bullet that was London’s weather over Jubilee weekend.

I have wanted to check out Isle of Wight since the man who used to come fix our washing machine at our old flat told me to. I had images of Isle of Wight as classic British seaside. I wanted wind, fish & chips (to look, not touch), kites, pale people in deck chairs in cold weather, amusement piers from another era, dogs, hardy folk, maybe even a little rain if we were to be lucky.

It did not disappoint. Isle of Wight is a beautiful island – 23 miles long, 13 miles wide and just a few miles from the Southern coast of England in the English Channel. It has cliffs, farms, seaside esplanades, hill villages with thatched roof cottages, Victorian-era homes and hotels and plenty to do. With no car, we didn’t try to see too much but just enjoyed the wind, the ice cream, the getaway, the patriotism and the fresh air.

Getting there


Along the Shanklin Esplanade and the beach


Bunting, as promised


Jonah always fakes like he’s going to jump with me

Beach huts




We took the bus to cute Godshill. We also saw the model village there. You know what’s crazy? Model villages. Seriously.


Jubilee outfits photo shoot. I had to look up what Lovely Jubbly and Bobby Dazzler mean. I am such a foreigner.


‘Happy and Glorious’

It looks like we missed nothing in London. The flotilla down the Thames took place in freezing rain. We would never have left the flat so might as well watch the BBC coverage from the seaside. The build-up and denouement was all great. But, like Christmas, I am happy to see it go. The remnants of Union Jacks around the neighborhood on Wednesday made me feel like I had a hangover. Frankly, I don’t need to see the Queen’s face for a little while. Except every time I use paper money. HAHA I WOULD NEVER USE PAPER MONEY.

And since you didn’t ask, it was also a lovely 5th wedding anniversary. We woke up to news of the Mets’ Johan Santana’s history-making no-hitter game, which meant I knew Bryan would be in a good mood all day. We then took a train, a ferry, and another train to our mini-break. Best of all, we finally started Game of Thrones. I know – what took us so long.



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3 responses to “isle of wight (and the jubilee has left the building)

  1. A Richmond girl

    I love that Jonah is in on the jumping photos! (even if he’s not participating at maximum potential yet. Just we wait…)
    Y’all are a beautiful (inside and out) family.

  2. sonjey

    Looks like a beautiful weekend away…. You guys are doing it up so well. LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS…. what a neat place….Jersey shore?

  3. toshalot

    pictures of your boys always make me smile 🙂

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