5 years, 13 years

Whoa – five years! I would be impressed if we hadn’t already been together so long.

Apparently for a five-year wedding anniversary, you’re supposed to give/get a gift involving wood. All I can think is it might prompt Bryan to make a totally inappropriate totally not funny comment.

Today is the day we married five years ago. So young. So carefree. So tan. So American. So clean-shaven. So sweaty. So in love.

Still the last one.

Happy day, honey! To celebrate, we should take two kids and some luggage and a double stroller on a train.



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3 responses to “5 years, 13 years

  1. I have friends who want you to adopt them. Happy Anniversary, Luvboids.

  2. toshalot

    Renee! I am their single oldest child!
    And, YAY! for your anniversary! And I’m so glad I took the picture that is featured as your anniversary pic this year. Now if only I’d focused it better …

  3. Happy belated anniversary!!!

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