You ready for this weather roller coaster?

Two weekends ago, it was still so cold, I had to wear a wrap over my hoochie outfit for Melissa’s hen do. Melissa sometimes looks after our kids. A hen do is a bachelorette party. So Melissa is getting married in July and in addition to a big group of her friends and family, Mel was kind enough to invite out for some debauchery the mums of all the children she looks after.


At the same time I was out for the hen, in freezing London, and getting rejected from the club because I forgot my ID (in 4 1/2 years here, I have never carried it once – anywhere – or needed to), Bryan was coincidentally away for the weekend at our friend Matt’s stag do (bachelor party) in Mallorca. He actually had warm temps. And from what I can gather, they did most of the things you might do at a stag do, including leaving one member of their party behind in Spain. Although from the drinks in this photo, you might have thought they were actually at a hen:

But then this past weekend, London finally decided to stop pissing everyone off so hard. All of a sudden, it was the most beautiful weather anywhere, of all time, officially. Perfect temps with a slight breeze. So there were friends, multiple Royal Parks, a lot of picnics and a fair amount of sun cream. And a lot of really pale people going topless. Don’t worry, not me. I’m so busy wearing my new Union Jack bikini.


I had a hunch it would be short-lived, and today I was wearing a coat.


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