union jack fever pitch

I think London has reached its absolute zenith in terms of jubilant British pride.

In the 16 month period from Will & Kate’s wedding to the 2012 Summer Olympics, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in between, it’s probably safe to say that Britain has not had this much to openly and raucously celebrate in some time. Centuries perhaps. When did it last colonize?

It feels amazing to live here for it, as I like nothing more than totally unabashed national pride and so far the UK has been lacking in such socially appropriate opportunities. Now it feels like there is not a store or commercial product that has not seized this opportunity. Always a mainstay on sofa pillows and sequined clutches, the Union Jack motif can now be found ubiquitously available on anything from bunting to hoodies to Legos to manicures to food packaging. Which is a great thing because, as I have mentioned before, is there a cooler flag? No. Not even remotely.

On just my walk today to do errands, I passed:

How much you wanna bet there will be people who save this bread wrapper? Ok, busted.




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8 responses to “union jack fever pitch

  1. Pretty darn amazing to have two mega events in such a short period of time.

  2. The “Ma’amite” is killing me. I saw The Lego Queen last week and I’m still not over it. We are so lucky to be here at such a cool time! And I’m still holding out for another wedding before I leave. I also can’t wait ’til all this merchandise goes on sale the second week of June. Ahem, I mean, on offer? (I don’t think that term actually exists here, huh? And something tells me they don’t put royalty on sale. Darn.)

    • yael

      If you stay long enough, Harry might settle down.

      Good call on the sales. Wait, they don’t use that term? I have to pay better attention.

      • No, no, see, you are already so deep, you just said “the sales” – which yes, is perfectly acceptable. But I never see the phrase “on sale” at the grocery store or anything. Do they say it? (Please feel free to relegate this banality to email.)

  3. Wow! It is the coolest flag ever. Glad to see it all over!

  4. Sonjey

    I love my umbrella. I want more, more, more…. think of Sonjey. Hopefully, London will be in full bloom during the olympics… no doubt!

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