I spend more time than I should thinking about English crisp flavo(u)rs. I might as well have some company.


Any requests?



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6 responses to “moreish?

  1. toshalot

    oh boy. the bacon ones look interesting although i think you said bacon is something different there?
    i’d try the final one though- cheddar and carmelised onion

  2. The Worcester Sauce and Sundried Tomato looks really good. A few years ago, a local potato chip company made a special flavor of mushroom flavor chips for the local Mushroom Festival.

  3. Pleban

    please explain “streaky” bacon?

    • Sonjey

      Worcester Sauce and Sun Dried for me!…. It reminds me of the movie, Willy Wonka…when a candy could taste like an entire meal… just substitue candy for “chip”…..

  4. Jac

    Streaky bacon is what the Angles call bacon – streaky because it is streaked in layers of fat (white) and lean (red). To Brits, the default ‘bacon’ is what they more precisely call ‘back’ bacon, which is originates from where you’d expect and is far leaner than American style bacon (but very familar to Canadians). To make it more confusing still, both bacon and streaky bacon may be described by Angles as ‘green’ if it is unsmoked! So, looks like Dr Seuss got his eggs and ham the wrong way round.

  5. yael

    I don’t mean to beat a dead pig, but I don’t like either of the British bacon options. On the up side: I never eat bacon.

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