this mother’s day (us)

It wasn’t Mother’s Day in the UK, but it was for me. I actually love not competing for restaurant bookings and how all the relevant greeting cards have long disappeared. I love the normalness of the Sunday for everyone swirling around me, but for me feeling so electrified at all my nerve endings.

I love this day because the thing I love most of all is being a mother to Jonah and Simon. And I love having a day to even more cognizantly than usual think about how astounding it feels.

I also love reflecting on my gratitude that also since June 13, 2009, I finally understand the way my mother loves me, Josh and Micah. I like to imagine that every kind of moment I have with my kids, she had and will have with us three.

There is such a peace for me in the way things just go on and on. Somehow. Some way.

I love my boys.

Holy crap I do.



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2 responses to “this mother’s day (us)

  1. sonjey

    Such a beautiful picture…… and when you become a grandmother, things just keep going on and on and, if you can believe, it’s even better!

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