snoshy tumbles in london

So Tosha arrived to us on Friday after a week visiting friends in Milan and elsewhere in London. It was her birthday present to herself to get over from San Fran to see her friends living on this continent and I am sure I am not alone in being SO HAPPY she did. There is no one like Tosha, and that’s why she has hundreds of friends all over the world. It’s why she was W-L High School’s Class of 1994 Homecoming Queen (sorry, I couldn’t resist). And it’s why Jonah took to her like one his favorite tv celebrities.

Tosha brought so many awesome American goodies over (mmm, Napa wine and um, thank you for my Tide To Go pens!), but the biggest hit of all were these beer bottle mustaches. I can’t believe I lived life before them.

We only had a couple days together and the weather was pretty typical for the current travesty that is this Spring, but we still had fun days out and about. There is something about central London that still always surprises me, and that is how many random and perfect things can happen when you are going from A to B.

We set out on Saturday to check out the environs of the Udderbelly Festival on the Southbank. But first we took the bus to Trafalgar Square. When the bus was on Regent Street we could see this spectacle of fine, fine, fine male models promoting A&F’s opening of Gilly Hicks and Hollister stores. Turns out it’s a “Follow the Hot Lifeguards Around London” marketing campaign. Yes, please.

We got off and walked. And did this, of course.


And then we happened upon some vintage scooter ride. There were loads of them and before the diesel fumes took the last of my brain cells, I was green with envy over the retro Vespas. Sigh.

I have always had a soft spot for buskers. Especially ones that can do this with their bodies:

We had some lunch and beers by the Udderbelly Festival stage.


I feel like this could only happen here: some awkward teenage girls decided to walk around and give impromptu unsmiling and very bad performances of a Jedward song. Don’t know who Jedward is? It’s either because you are American or just incredibly lucky.

Sunday we met some other friends for Sunday roast at The Narrow Boat along the Regent’s Canal in Angel.


And this is new for us but some of the boats along the canal are now operating as pop-up merchants! We got cupcakes from one and Faye found me a great vintage jacket at another. I mean, seriously, this town.


Tosha is famous for these jumping pictures I love. I wanted in on the action. Jonah was like, what. ever.

See you, Snosh!



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2 responses to “snoshy tumbles in london

  1. Everyone loves her cause she is a fantastic woman. What is there to dislike?

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