taurus babies!

The biblical rain in London continues. It’s not so much volume as consistency. Every day has been rain for at least 139 weeks straight. The natives are restless. People are casually mentioning things like SAD and deep foreboding regret and despair. I am actually not exaggerating when I report the South West of the UK is at 166% of the average rainfall for April.

But I am not melancholy. Because there are NEW BABIES.

With all the babies of friends in my life, I have always felt like there weren’t enough born in April. I don’t know what that means for the conception month of  July (too hot? too Patriotic?), but no matter. Because all of a sudden I get three. Weeeeeeee!

On the 20th, Erik Joseph arrived in the beautiful state of Utah, to adoring parents and big brother Axel. Erik is one of those babies who are asked by the universe to be a superstar right from birth. He’s got a few hard times just ahead and so I am thinking extra hard about him. He will probably be a lawyer in the far off future, but since I know at least in the next three years he will be skiing double black diamonds, I am looking forward to a tutorial from him.

On the 26th came Daniel Robert in Northern Virginia!! DR is one of my unofficial nephews (‘unofficial’ because I don’t have to send him money), which means I am clamoring for more photos of his adorable face on Facebook. He will also probably be a lawyer one day but since there is a little time before then, I imagine he is living the good life right now with love pouring in from his parents, big brother James, extended family and Charlie the Dog. And he’s probably wearing stripes. I am a big fan of stripes and a big fan of Daniel. And I love his bits mama.

And then just this weekend on the 28th in San Francisco arrived Jasper Irving! All hail these little boys coming at me left and right! It’s like China up in here! Back to Jasper.  Jasper joins his canine siblings and a mom and dad who are no doubt practically exploding from love and a dream realized. You know what? Let’s just go for a trifecta: Jasper will probably be a lawyer. Yep, all six parents mentioned today are lawyers.  Weird. Oh yeah, back to Jasper. Jasper might be a lawyer, but he might also run a lucrative on-line Etsy shop. In the meantime, Skype us, J!

Happy Birthday, you perfect Taurus Year of the Dragon babies.



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4 responses to “taurus babies!

  1. Tina

    Erik loved the shout out! We think he will be a plastic surgeon. Lord knows I will need one by then!

  2. deix

    LOVE this! I didn’t even know that the big guy is a Taurus. I guess I need to figure out what that means. Jasper is so ready for a skype sesh with his most favorite Londoners. You’re too sweet!! We can’t WAIT to see you guys in August! xo!!

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