double chai!

If I’m very honest I have to say I have never loved the Chai numbers thing, or at least the way Jews use it to write gift checks/cheques. I always felt like it was an excuse to lowball a loved one, and it just felt too close to a bad stereotype for comfort. There are clearly respectable denominations, like $100 for a Bat Mitzvah in 1988, let’s say, and then some a-hole gives you $72 and thinks they can get away with it because it’s quadruple Chai, yo! I’m on to you, cheap bastards.

That said, it made me happy when I realized I was turning the age of double Chai. Plus, apparently 36 is a very mystical number in Judaism. I know what you’re thinking: why is she writing so much about Jew things this week? I don’t know either.

Happy Birthday, David Letterman. Way to steal my thunder, d**k.

(Below from Bryan. He really gets me.)

(This just in: My prom date from 1994 sent me the same card on email. He really gets me too.)



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4 responses to “double chai!

  1. sonjey

    Happy Double Chai to my beautiful daughter-in-law, wife of my fantastic son, and mother of my beautiful grand children…..With all you do and who you are……..we are blessed to have you in our family……. you give me the “goosies!”.. have a great day !

  2. Happy Double-Chai Birthday, Baby Girl. Your first word was “light,” and you have been shining yours on everyone around you. You love so deeply, and you are so deeply loved.

  3. Re $72 being a cheap Bar/Bat Mitzvah present…seriously? I got a fountain pen….
    Happy birthday

  4. yael

    A fountain pen? For learning your Haftorah? You were robbed!

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