dan, ellen and sam in london

Our friends just left yesterday after a week-long visit. It was the first time we had visitors with a child since we’ve had both our kids. I must say that four adults + three children in the flat for a week worked out very well. Jonah only pushed/grabbed/screamed at Sam five times a day. In fairness, Sam did have the audacity to touch some of Jonah’s toys. And really, a 1 1/2 year-old should know better.

Dan and Bryan know each other for a million years from around the way. Specifically, Hebrew school and then high school and mutual friends. We’re so happy Dan and Ellen made the trip all the way from Virginia, and as always we’re blown away by the effort/time/expense so many of our great friends make to come see us and our London life. The weather was meh to blah, but we persevered and hit the playgrounds, the zoo, Borough Market and Tate Modern cafe, Greenwich, restaurants and pubs, Bryan’s office, and celebrated the secular crap out of two holidays. Oh, and Bryan and Dan saw Primus at Royal Albert Hall. I don’t get Primus. But it’s not always about me.

Mostly, Bryan and Dan celebrated being reunited by downloading NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and then playing it on the xbox incessantly. Good times.


Our Easter egg hunt was a success. The brown eggs never really took the dye but the kids didn’t seem to mind. We held the actual hunt on a square just off Oxford Street, in front of John Lewis. Our nascent tradition was so urban this year, I had to chase away the pigeons mid-way through.


We spent our last day together also preparing for and enjoying a Passover Seder. Everyone, especially me, was worried Bryan wouldn’t be all that useful in the kitchen. He’s not known for intuitive preemptive helpfulness. It turns out the key though is to let him rock out to Billy Joel’s greatest hits while forming matzoh balls with his hands. If you have never seen this displaced Long Island boy emote through belting out “Captain Jack”, well I guess you haven’t really lived, have you?

To wrap up the weekend’s multi-religious theme, I made sure to use the Seder plate given to me by a Mormon. The Seder food was a team effort and was delicious. And the prophet Elijah was not deterred to come drink wine, even through the scaffolding and plastic sheeting. He is like Santa Claus that way- he just finds himself an entry point.




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2 responses to “dan, ellen and sam in london

  1. I am so awesomely floored right now by all of this, but in particular, that you have summed up the entirety of Hussavello “fights-that-start-while-in-the-kitchen” in one amazing phrase: “Not known for intuitive preemptive helpfulness.”

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