popcorn in the uk

Yesterday we had a snack picnic before hitting the playground. Jonah was very intentional about making sure Simon had enough rice cakes to eat. But more importantly, see the bag of popcorn in the lower right foreground? What I am about to say is shocking but 100% true: it is the best popcorn I have ever eaten in my life.

It’s popcorn from Pret. You know, the ubiquitous Pret. And since they decided to start selling bags of popcorn in the last few years, I have been the most loyal customer. I think I buy at least two a day.

Eating Pret popcorn so often raises some interesting issues for me:

  1. How is it that the UK took a quintessentially American food (from an American crop) and made it so much better? At least, better in pre-packaged bags. The already-bagged stuff in the US has a rubbery feel when you press it between two fingers or put in your mouth to chew. Ew. You know those tins people give out before Christmas that have a section for cheese-flavored, one for “butter” (neon yellow) and one for caramel? EWW.
  2. Popcorn in the UK, even in the bag on the grocery shelf, is made with kernels, oil and salt. That’s all. It’s amazing, I know.
  3. Popcorn is popping up (I didn’t mean that, I swear) everywhere here all of a sudden. It’s sort of new at Pret (although they’re on their THIRD bag re-design??), new at our grocery store and kind of just making inroads now everywhere I look. Is this the death knell for the English crisp?
  4. No matter how much the UK might dominate this perfect snack, it will always be a big FAIL at the movies/cinema here. No butter. Still! Only “salt” or “sweet”. People buy sweet popcorn here (like, just sugar). Ga-ross.

Here is the evolution of the Pret bag:

Ā Ā 

This kind is delicious too.

They are really doing something right in this country.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about popcorn in the UK.

Except to say that I also like to eat popcorn while watching American Idol one day late. I heard via Janelle sharing this link to the The New York Times that Elise KILLED it last night!! It’s crazy to be able to watch the actual moment someone becomes a superstar:



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3 responses to “popcorn in the uk

  1. My only response is SMARTFOOD! Yum šŸ™‚

  2. anne

    Perhaps popcorn is gaining popularity in the UK because new research shows that it has all kinds of antioxidants:


    This was welcome news to me! šŸ™‚

    Proud to be a Hoosier (the birthplace of Orville Redenbacher)

  3. Mike Hague

    Here at Empire Popcorn we have been making delicously crispy tasty popcorn for years and we supply most of the cinemas in the UK so chances are you have tasted our popcorn at your local cinema, you can now buy it direct from us in handy re-sealable tubs mmmm yummy, why not email us at empirepopcorn@gmail.com or telephone 01613689990

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