elise testone on american idol!

I am copying my mom and her blogging prowess to say that everyone should vote for Elise Testone tomorrow, TOMORROW (I get confused  living in another time zone) during American Idol. 1. Because  she is crazy talented, 2. Because I admire how she has to compete against prepubescent competitors who are bringing the omnipotent tween vote, and 3. So that Janelle, my sister-in-law and one of Elise’s besties, can go to LA next week and watch Elise perform live! It’s hard to get to be in that special friends & family section cheering on a particular contestant and I personally want the camera to flash to someone I know and love during Elise’s performance. So I guess, 4. It’s all about me.

From the hand of Janelle


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2 responses to “elise testone on american idol!

  1. sonjey

    I’ve been voting for her and will continue to do it even though Colton is my fav….. sorry! I do agree she is super talented and she seems to be gaining momentum each week.

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