hunger games – i should see it, right?

There are probably some other things going on in the news right now, but unless Dick Cheney’s heart and Sanford, Florida’s entire police department and David Cameron’s donors went to see The Hunger Games this weekend, then I don’t care.

I happily avoided Harry Potter and Twilight, but I am excited to finally be part of a teenage trilogy! The Kindle makes reading dubious choices so easy, and I am happy about that and am currently devouring the second book. Even happier, the movie opened simultaneously in the UK. That NEVER happens. Hopefully I’ll see it soon. I should, right? I think Bryan needs some convincing though.

If you’re a fan, see what your Hunger Games name would be here. Since I’m hanging with Simon today, I am pleased to report his name would be Crucis Scrymgeour.



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7 responses to “hunger games – i should see it, right?

  1. I clicked “Submit” and got my Hunger Games name. Then I did it again and got another name. You can get a million names. I stopped at Volumnia Galloway. That sort of resonated with me, especially given all the food I consumed in London. I’m well into the book and loving it. I want to be in the Hunger Games, only where you have to hunt down bargains and no one gets hurt.

  2. Janelle

    Micah and I loved the first book, and hated the movie. We got passed the fact that we were the oldest people in the theater, but couldn’t get passed the pretty terrible acting.

  3. Poren

    Tell Bryan that I am spending the week hand-crafting Katniss and Peeta fire outfits so Greg and I can go see it again this weekend!

  4. kate

    Laurel Wellwood….
    I LOVED the books. heard the movie is good..

  5. sonjey

    My students have never enjoyed reading so much…They are so letdown after Mocking Jay.. . the third book…. Will just see the movie, Call is peer pressure!

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