so long, nene and dede

Stepdad Dan left first – last Tuesday. Or as Bryan refers to him: The Continental. But to the kids he is “Dede” (deh-deh). When we let the 364 grandparents of our children pick their own names, most were easy (once I vetoed my dad being called Butch) except for my stepdad. You see, he spent decades upon decades of his life as an only child and then a single man about town. Things like pets and grandchildren and noise and family chaos were not something he was planning or hoping for. But he is doing very nicely I must say, and not just with being married and with respect to the cat and visits and joint traveling with family. His Turkish moniker fits and he is a fantastic Dede through and through.

Then on Friday it was my mom who flew away on the aeroplane. There has already been a huge loss in our flat. The dishes and laundry have piled up. Simon has had some lonely moments playing on the floor. And Jonah has to do without his best puppet-making puppet show-performing buddy. When my mom’s cab pulled away, Jonah turned to me and said, “We lost NeNe!” Luckily, we have already found her on Skype.

We hung out of course, and hit the playground some


Jonah is now obsessed with playing the guitar (ukulele) now that he has jammed with Dede. His first single is called “Dinosaur.” And if you guessed that Jonah’s embryonically (yes, I made that up) burgeoning love for guitar and singing makes Bryan and I ecstatic, you would be right. Very, very right.


Simon ate a lot of menus during the visit


day trip to Kingston-upon-Thames


we celebrated St. Patrick’s day for 90 seconds

it was Mothering Sunday in the UK two Sundays ago so we celebrated my mom and me


My mom got really sick while she was here. Guess what? The NHS gave her a free GP appointment and then free antibiotics. If you are a UK taxpayer, please do not get upset. National health takes care of non-residents too!

But anyway, my mom’s sickness is why I forgave her when this happened: (it’s what you think)


And to end on a beautiful note, we did a little walk to, up and through Primrose Hill (the park, hill and neighborhood all with the same name). I don’t go there enough, even though it is minutes away. There is a reason so many celebrities want to live there. Phenomenal London eye candy.




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6 responses to “so long, nene and dede

  1. The dishwasher is actually symbolic of NeNe’s heart overflowing with love.

  2. toshalot

    Is Jonah left-handed?

  3. Elizabeth

    Love the yellow dress!

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