more visitors, more stuff!

This morning my mom and step-dad arrived. My mom has also been here a million times, but it was Dan’s first time to the new flat. Besides the building being wrapped in plastic, and the snorer celebrity down below, I know they are as happy to be here as we’re happy to have them.

Of course NeNe came bearing gifts. And Jonah and Simon were pumped.


I got my usual giddyness for the suitcase reveal. It felt as good as I imagined it would.

No matter how long you live here, some things from home just hit the spot.

There are some things that are so ‘American’, and therefore so perfect. Nobody panders to kids like the US of A.

Other things are just a necessity. An entire culture survives and thrives without this?

And then of course it’s always around a holiday when those little bits of homesickness creep in. New traditions? Meh, who needs ’em. I rely on my mom to bring the holiday to us. Even if it inevitably means Peeps somehow.


American Idol tonight! Elise Testone all the way! Watch and vote! Why did Snooki advance-steal her style?



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3 responses to “more visitors, more stuff!

  1. sonjey

    Yea, Elise made the Top Ten….. She deserves it…. Amazing performance last night!!!!

  2. I think that I demand you bring the “Ten Plagues Hand Puppets Kit” with you when we hang out next.

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