because you’ve been dying to know

Last night we met friends out for dinner. As we were walking home and near the flat, we decided to get some cash for the babysitter. And you know the rest of the story:

If you’re good at counting, that’s THREE banks in a row. Again. Listen, I don’t want you all to worry. After some wine you have no idea how funny it is.

We’ve been up to some other stuff over the week.

Bryan took Jonah to his first football match last Sunday. Jonah uses “football” and “soccer” interchangeably at home. My son is bilingual! It was Fulham vs. Wolverhampton and Bryan was looking forward to it for so long, and so excited to take Jonah and have this seminal bonding moment with his oldest son. The day came and it was freezing and rainy. But for some reason both those facts escaped our attention when we dressed Jonah. We’re pretty sure he had a good time, even if 20 minutes into the match sitting in his seat in the rain, he said to Bryan “I go to Jonah’s house now. I go see Mommy.”

I took the kids to the Purim Carnival with Faye, David and Isaac at the beautiful West London Synagogue. I was feeling nervous about the costume-making but we managed in the 11th hour some “Keep Calm And Ask Esther” Mordechai superhero outfits. Don’t even pretend like you have no idea what I am talking about. Also, Faye and I reminisced that at our respective temples growing up, there was always a goldfish giveaway at the Purim carnivals. Why, I have no idea.


Also, I caved on my one and only New Year’s resolution. Roots have officially been highlighted. Maybe in 2013 I will feel strong enough to have hair the color of a week-old drowned sewer rat (see above pre-highlighting photo as a visual). I am just not there emotionally.

And… Elise made it through on American Idol. Watch and vote!



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9 responses to “because you’ve been dying to know

  1. “I go to Jonah’s house now. I go see Mommy.” My heart can’t take this. Counting the days.

  2. Laura

    Yael, you are hilarious. Always have me laughing. xo

  3. sonjey

    Ohhh, I can just hear him say those words!…. Just like,” I go sleepy now mommy” So glad Elise made it. I know she’ll be great!

  4. A Richmond girl

    Thank you for giving me the best description ever, that I am going go steal from you, to use in my comeback the next time Ethan makes some jokey comment about how I’m not exactly all that much of a blonde anymore…

    • yael

      B, I do feel your pain too. Us girls who grow up blonde naturally never quite seem to comprehend that a day comes when we actually have hair with no color name, except Gross.

  5. mira

    Jonah: cuteness! So glad he went to his first match! And I totally don’t remember goldfish giveaways at Purim…strange. did you have hamentaschen? What’s up with broken ATMs?

    • yael

      Or was it at Key School Community Day where there were always goldfish?!

      And I DID have hamentaschen. Mmm.

      The ATM thing is ridic. Always at night like they run out of money or something!

  6. Your kids have the best hair. Also, this is not a reference to your highlights, which I did not even notice at lunch, btw.

    • yael

      Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! I have been digging Jonah’s hair so much lately. I keep making haircut appointments and then getting cold feet. What’s good for Hollywood tots is good for mine.

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