sorry, so sorry

The New York Times Magazine just published a piece, “Explaining Londoners”, that, I’ll be honest, educated even me a bit. If you fancy yourself a fan of this great and mysterious city, it is a must-read.

I feel compelled to add my two pence:

  1. I’ve never seen The Only Way is Essex. I am worried I will need subtitles. But now I think I’ll really give it a go.
  2. We ate at River Cafe but the river view was obscured by construction, and the food was good but not memorable. Our company, however, was delightful. (S&J, I do wish you were coming back here. I have been craving NY bagels something fierce.)
  3. We have eaten at St. John Bar and Restaurant multiple times and most recently took Greg there, and then Josh & Kaci. I am not sure any of those three were very excited about it. This doesn’t bode well for what the NY Times considers to be the second most important restaurant reservation in all of London.
  4. I am actually impressed there are more Starbucks in London than New York.
  5. Wait, New Yorkers kiss on the cheek, right? Or is that just the Italian-American ones? I am so depressed at the thought of ever living somewhere where people don’t kiss on the cheeks as a greeting, or at least give hugs. You know, like in a land where boys wear pleated khakis, undershirts and give vigorous handshakes when they encounter a very close life-long friend or family member.
  6. I am psyched for the Olympics.
  7. (I am mad Bryan won’t let us rent our flat out during the above.)
  8. Nope, it’s your fault.

I do like my little reminders that we are still mere foreigners here.



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4 responses to “sorry, so sorry

  1. Sarah

    I wish we could visit, too 😦 Quinn is a good travel companion…but not that good. I am excited to check out this article. Is that an ad on your blog?!

  2. A Richmond girl

    I can’t get over, 1. The types if baby foods there and 2. That your kids are so awesome about eating A N Y T H I N G !!! Envious…!

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