the most recent mules

It’s a post-Leap Day miracle! Behold, a blog post!

Sandra and Charlie were visiting us in London all last week. It was Bryan’s mom’s 7th or 8th visit to see us- we honestly couldn’t figure out which.

Every visit from  a family member is treasured by us. 99% because of the beautiful times we spend together. 1% because the visits always start with the First Opening of Their Suitcases. We always put in a tall order for USA items and there is always a big unloading on Day 1. Like a kid on Christmas.

Sandra did not disappoint. She surprised me with two packages of REAL, AMERICAN BACON. She had packed them frozen with an ice pack. That is dedication, people. I basically put away at least one of the packages all by myself.


Sonjey also surprised Bryan with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Bless Jonah’s heart he was so excited about the advertisement on the back of the magazine because it consisted of a huge bright and colorful M&Ms character. He kept excitedly trying to explain it to me, and I just kept taking photos. I should feel guilty, right?

We had a wonderful week with days out

to the mall where I had to play Bad Cop and say no to a toy half the size of our living space

and where I had to explain to the kids why Louis Vuitton is important to the Long Island side of the family

to the zoo


where you also happen to be able to buy these in the cafeteria (which we did)

to sports class

to the playgrounds and parks

to the newly-renovated and still-incredible Borough Market, where my MIL discovered her new favorite food in the universe


It was all good times. The best times, when they are so few and far between.


Also, I should mention we celebrated Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). It’s a real thing in the UK – for realsies. Bryan is against it for some reason he hasn’t been able to articulate. He categorically refused to wish anyone a Happy Pancake Day. Who does that? But it is, um, interesting that some cultures use the day before Lent as an excuse to have legendary world parties like Mardi Gras/Carnivale. And others use it to eat pancakes. Leave to the Commonwealth countries to pull the short stick on that one.

Also, here is a fun fact: “English-style pancakes” as opposed to “American-style pancakes” are more like crepes. But if you call them just crepes, you will offend a people who consider Francophobia a legitimate sport.



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3 responses to “the most recent mules

  1. sonjey

    We had the best, best time. Thank you for a very special week…everything was FANTASTIC! BTY
    (I was told by one of my students it was pancake day on Tuesday in the U.S. (IHOP was being generous!)

  2. Wow! Looks like fun. That is crazy that Sonjey packed bacon!

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