learning something new every weekend

Despite the FREEZING temperatures, we again persevered. Each time we leave the house I just pretend we are a family living in Siberia. I mean, they go out, right?

We went to Nina’s 3rd birthday party. I love this picture of Jonah and his best friend because they may argue like an old married couple (I like Barbies. NO NO NO Barbies. CARS!), but they can always hug and dance it out.

Bryan had a crazy moment of spontaneity on Saturday and we decided at the last-minute to take the kids to the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. I didn’t know London had wetlands but I suppose it makes sense since bird-watchers and people with scary paparazzi-like zoom lenses also need a place to go.

The wetlands were cool to see for as many minutes as we could stand being outside. Indoors, the kids got to meet snakes, lizards, crocodiles and tortoises up close and personal.

What I learned on this trip was that live feeding is very rare in the UK for pets and other captive animals, like in zoos. If an animal can tolerate its food already dead, then that’s how it gets it. I just never know when I might learn a new fact. It’s yet another way the UK is more civilized and humane than much of the rest of the world.

(Except, the following is weird. It’s like the national child labour laws do not cover snake wrangling.)



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2 responses to “learning something new every weekend

  1. The photo of Jonah and Nina makes me want to break out in song. And the earmuffs on Simon: Oh my.

  2. sonjey

    Send that picture of Simon in SOMEWHERE! but I know you won’t……

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