a multi-versary

Four years ago on this very date two things happened:

  1. We landed in London, England to begin a whole new life here.
  2. I started this blog to write about #1.

I am pleased the blog is at least half-alive and still fairly true to original purpose. I am even more pleased that we still live in London, and still love it.

Since the age of 18 I have been pretty good at segmenting my life into neat little chunks defined by differing places of residence, differing venues for higher education or full-time employment and dramatic life-changing events as markers into new eras (marriage, birth of a child). I always wonder what would happen if I stayed in one place, at one job and with the same exact people forever and ever. I know that’s sort of what responsible, well-adjusted, consistent and calm people are supposed to do. And probably to what I am supposed to be aspiring. But I have no current personal frame of reference for it. I like referring to parts of my life like titles of various art installations. Oh yes, I had short hair during The Law School Years. I went out the most during our Brooklyn Period. I finally started to enjoy cooking during Our London Life.

London is the first time that I can ruminate on a chapter as it’s happening, rather than simply in retrospect. And for no other reason than it still Completely Blows My Mind That We Live Here. Buy that from a gallery and hang it on your wall. You might see it in a museum one day.

Happy four years, my free, amateur, Just Another WordPress blog. Happy four years, L   o   n   d   o   n.

(Also, Simon is seven months old today. (He wanted in on the action.))



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8 responses to “a multi-versary

  1. imaginatemum

    Congratulations on your four years here. It Completely Blows My Mind That We Live Here too! (been here ten years longer than you…)

    Simon will love it. London with kids is awesome!

  2. sonjey

    Happy four years of London… hard to believe… this young, newly married couple leaving all of us. Happy Jonah and happy Simon. When you’re ready to come back, we’ll all have such fond memories of a great city and welcome you with our open arms.

  3. Happy four year blogiversary! I found your blog about 3.5 years ago when I was living as an ex-pat in Norway, and needing to commiserate with other ex-pats, even if that meant reading a stranger’s blog. So now I feel like a creeper for reading about your life for the past 4 years, but thanks for the read! And thanks for the endless entertainment of “the most dramatic blog ever” which I also passed on to many friends…

    • yael

      Thanks, Joy! Not a creeper at all. All my fellow past and future expats, silent or not, have made my whole experience 100 times better. We’re a little club of people who want to explain the subtleties of our experiences but can’t even find the words 99% of the time, aren’t we?

  4. Big Daddy pop-pop Butch

    Hi Yael: Proud Dad here. We love the blog and wish that we had the energy and talent to hold the interest of so many for so long. Keep them coming!

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