a week or so in the life

Oh yeah, here I am.

London has been reeeeeally cold the past couple weeks. Saturday was the coldest day of all but still we headed to the zoo. How cold can it really get? I thought. It’s London after all. COLD. It turns out.


You know this “Sh*t People Say” meme thing? Is there a “Sh*t British People Say” one? If not, I would like to contribute at least one quote to any upcoming production. The woman who was passive aggressively murdering me with her eyes in the doorway of the women’s bathrooms near the Giraffe exhibit is the muse. When my absent-mindedly hurrying in blocked her scheduled egress for one millisecond and EVEN THOUGH I PRE-EMPTIVELY APOLOGISED (see lady, I will even spell with an S for you), she declared “There’s no stopping you!!” all flummoxed and high-pitched. That’s why British people are awesome. She could have just handled the interruption, flicked me off or yelled excuse me! but instead she barked out her vitriol in a pithy little cheer you would give to a marathon runner at Mile 24. And it made me hate her all the more. Sh*t British People Say!

In the afternoon I started looking at the sky and thinking, although it seemed very wistful, maybe it will snow. After beers with Faye and David and all the kids in tow, we headed for some Indian food. Not more than five minutes after sitting down, I saw the snow. Straight from the heavens in all its glory. I actually yelled SNOW! in the restaurant, and Bryan was mortified. He said, we look like hicks. The insult didn’t even make sense (Hicks see snow too. Also, how would a hick be eating “Indian street food” in central London? Does Britain even have hicks?) so I disregarded him completely and Jonah and I rushed outside to catch some snowflakes on our tongues. I will treasure always those seconds dancing around with Jonah beaming as we looked to the sky with our mouths wide open trying to catch snow. Moral: Yell in a restaurant if you want to. Bryan.

The neighborhood was beautiful on the walk home and I got what I have been waiting for all this time. I love four seasons. I need four seasons. It’s winter now. And so it snowed.

Slept through his first snow.

The saving grace of the weeks of cold are the usually blue skies and lack of wind. I try to go out with the kids no matter what lest I get a peculiar kind of cabin fever specific to families who live in flats where the exterior windows are wrapped in plastic sheeting. So we have been up to a few things.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year in all the ways I could creatively think to do so. I think all my 1 Chinese friends (Hi, Erica!) would be proud. Our childminder made a dragon out of Yo Gabba Gabba paper plates, we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, went to Chinatown and bought packets of Nissin Top Ramen and played with some 50p toys which broke immediately. I was thinking a lot how I was also born in the Year of the Dragon and I have always harbored this very strong suspicion it is the best Chinese Year ever. I can’t confirm one way or another, but it’s probably true.


Despite the temperature, there are still plenty of things to see at the parks.


We each had a friend passing through London this past week for work: from law school for me and from business school for Bryan. It still always amazes me how many people we know come through this city. They would not like this picture but I just think you should see that Jud and Bryan are eating fish & chips. It will never cease to amaze me how excited people get about this dish.

I took the boys to the Science Museum. It is a paradise for Jonah, and hopefully Simon too. We dig our field trips.


I think the Superbowl is about to start. Whatever. It’s bedtime for me.

And just because



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3 responses to “a week or so in the life

  1. Lauren Speakman

    Yael, the boys are beautiful! You are getting all the snow we usually get here! Jealous!

  2. erica

    Yes, I’m definitely proud! And yay for snow – global warming has hit nyc (it’ll be 50 degrees today!) so I’m really glad it’s snowing somewhere.

  3. sonjey

    Glad you and the boys enjoyed your taste of winter!…. I’ll take the 40’s and 50’s anytime over those little white droplets…. can’t drive or walk in it anymore…..Counting the days! xxoo.

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