a giggle

Have I mentioned that it’s more common here to use “giggle” as noun than the American preference for verb? I kind of love it. There is nothing like being at some boozy party with friends and an impossibly cute British twentysomething girlfriend says it would be great to all get together soon for a giggle. We totally should.

I don’t know how often I laugh out loud. I worry it’s not as much as I think. I am stingy like that. I am one of those anoying people who is more likely to say “that’s hilarious” with a stone cold serious facial expression, than to actually -laugh-.

But sometimes I have a right old giggle to myself.

The other day I was walking down a street in the ‘hood and saw this sign:

Oh lord, thank you for letting me live here and for my new vocabulary. Later on I said to our British childminder:

Melissa, what is hooting?


Hooting. Like involving cars.

Oh! Yeah hooting- you know, it’s when you pip the horn.

A couple of weekends ago we were just lazing around when all of a sudden we heard a protest right outside our building. So exciting! Bryan managed to somehow see out some hairline crack in the plastic sheeting wrapping our building and informed me it was a group of women, some with children. A protest involving women and children?? I.AM.THERE. I sprinted downstairs to check it out.

There is nothing like waking up to a boobs march outside your window.


My older brother, Josh, is one of two of the best uncles in the universe. No offense to all your brothers and uncles. When it snowed in the Northwest US last week, he set up Skype so Jonah could watch a real-time building of a snowman in Seattle. I laughed out loud. See, I am not so miserly after all.

Snow, please come to London.

Finally, this 100% made me laugh out loud: Parents: Don’t Put Any Goddamn Candy In The Goodie Bag. Thank you Carrie and Sarah for sending it to me- for being one of six blog readers and therefore knowing exactly what I would like.



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11 responses to “a giggle

  1. toshalot

    You rarely laugh out loud? England must have changed you then because for 25 years I never knew anyone who laughed as loudly and heartedly out loud than you 😉
    Skype snowman building between Josh and Jonah is almost just too cute to even picture!

  2. I love that article. Love it. We are in the midst of birthday party season (all my sons friends seem to have been born between January and March) and thank God none of them do candy. But I am over the plastic crap as well.

    • yael

      I think I was guilty as charged on the plastic crap. I need to brainstorm something better! I am also scared for my kids to go to school and then have so many birthday parties to attend. Ugh.

  3. Carrie in CT

    I made the blog! I am famous! I will make sure to send along any other articles that make me cry from laughter. Don’t worry — my standards for a forward are extremely high.

  4. Former Expat

    You have WAY more than 6 blog readers. Been reading for a while – I am a huge fan. I recently relocated back to the US after 5 years in the UK. Miss it terribly but I live vicariously through your blog when I am wasting time at work. —- your fan in central Pennsylvania

  5. I totally LOL’d at that entire post. Getting together for a giggle! I love it!

    My kids LOVE the candy at the parties–forget the cake or the entertainment part…bring on the goodie bag!!!! I love that all of their friends have these massive birthday parties with said goodie bags! And since I am the evil mother, I also won’t buy them the candy they really want. My kids have to wait until Birthday Parties or Halloween to get it!!! I get really excited when my kids are invited out and get said candy because it gets them off my back for a little bit.

    And just because we are talking about birthday parties and I feel like telling you….my oldest attended a birthday party recently. Over 40 friends (wow Mr. Popularity), everyone brought gifts (mostly valued over $50– who ARE these parents?) and then the gift from the parents to the 10 year old Birthday Boy was a 40 some inch flat screen TV for his bedroom (because the kid broke the other one he had)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um…Hello! Can I please be a part of your family?!

    And…no goodie bags (damn it).

  6. yael

    So far J’s two birthday parties I have planned, I wrote “NO GIFTS!” on the invitation. I think it’s fine if parents welcome them, it’s just that I personally can’t imagine having more toys and books in the house than we have already. I feel like grandparents are enough for amassing loot and then everyone else should just show up to sing and do chalk art or whatever.

    TV in the bedroom for a 10-year old? That may border on child abuse.

    I am so not judgmental!

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