mr. and mrs. bay area

Cristina and Bailey married two Saturdays ago in California. Cristina is a dear friend of mine from high school (and another dear friend, Tosha, officiated) and I thought very hard about moving heaven and earth to be there (with Simon in tow) for 48 hours. In the end, good sense prevailed, even though I was very sad to miss it. Lucky for us, Cristina and Bailey came to London for the start of their honeymoon!

The happy couple is two beautiful people and we had a nice night Wednesday at Oxo Tower (go for the views, not the food) hearing the good engagement and wedding stories. They were telling us about their different football loyalties. But I had no idea how seriously they take it. Awesome cake. Awesome peeps.



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3 responses to “mr. and mrs. bay area

  1. I love this! I need Christina’s home address!

  2. toshalot

    i’m so glad they were able to visit with you. i selfishly wanted you and simon to fly here for 2 days for the wedding but … i see how this worked out better for all of you 😉

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