so many holidays

2012 is so five days ago. Oh well. Happy New Year! I am incapable of taking resolutions seriously but I actually might have one this year. I think I would like to see what my natural hair color looks like. It’s a bold and meaningful resolution, I know. But it’s Day Five and I haven’t caved yet. My willpower is admirable.

So ChristmasEveChristmasChanukahBoxingDayWinterFestivusNewYearsEveLot was all just great. I mentioned once that I like quiet holidays and the universe (aka our own free-will and decision-making) delivered. They were as special and tolerable as this doctor (again, I am referring to myself) ordered. OMG, what’s wrong with me?

Hanukkah was very Hanukkah. Jonah got into it this year and totally dug the “norah” and all the presents mailed to him from his generous relatives. Now that I am living these things as a parent, I am starting to think Hanukkah is the better gift holiday. If you spread it over 8 days, at least each gift will be savored and marginally possibly actually appreciated for 24 hours. The other holiday is more of a sh*t show with kids. My sister-in-law reported that my 5 year-old nephew opened 20 gifts in 4 minutes or something. I can’t help but think of The Room where that kid was so appreciative of the five toys that he was allowed to have for five years. The moral: imprisoned children have good values!

For Christmas Eve we had a lovely lunch at a local gastropub. Then Christmas Day we spent at least 12 hours on Skype (this is a very good article explaining why video chat matters. It really does for us. Our parents and siblings could interact in real time with Jonah opening his gifts) and the other remaining hours enjoying the very last day we could tolerate Christmas music. Best of all, we made spaghetti and meatballs. Try doing that with a million relatives clamoring for Christmasy food. I am the new advocate of antisocial holidays. Scrjewge!


New Year’s Eve was a last-minute success. We arrived back from a trip to Wales that afternoon and contemplated whether we should try to do something. Then we laughed hysterically. You have to laugh hysterically after you have been in a car for four hours with a toddler and baby. Otherwise, you might consider something more nefarious. Anyway, we had a nice dinner and drink and when the famous super awesome radical London 2012 fireworks started off the top of the London Eye, we realized we had a perfect view from the bedroom window in the back. Take that, front of the building covered in plastic sheeting!

This picture reminds me I actually have another new year’s resolution (which I will break): learn how to use a manual camera.



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3 responses to “so many holidays

  1. You guys made it to midnight?? I’m impressed! We were on west coast time (having travelled that day) and STILL didn’t make it to midnight…

  2. Jeremy

    I could teach you how to use a manual camera. I know, I’m a dinosaur

  3. sonjey

    What the h— is a manual camera? I’m looking forward to a few days after Valentine’s Day….. speaking of holidays!

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