with ziggy

Jonah and Simon’s Pop Pop and MiMi left yesterday, after a wonderful visit with us in London. In just under two weeks they managed a trip to Bruges, we all travelled to Tallinn and we fit in the zoo, Museum of London, a Charles Dickens exhibit, the Museum of Natural History, sports class, indoor jungle gym, shopping, Lego-building, cooking, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, Messiah at Royal Albert Hall, the park, the playground, gingerbread house-decorating, multiple baths and diaper changes and coat-zipping and shoe-velcroing and of course, Santacon.

Jonah and Simon were spoiled with love and holiday gifts. If there is a sight which warms the heart more than a 2 1/2 year old proudly strutting around with an Elmo backpack, I don’t know what it is. And don’t tell me if one exists either, you cold-hearted cynic.

Jonah keeps telling me Pop Pop and MiMi went up, up, up in the plane and are back with Ziggy the dog. I say just bring Ziggy next year and we can have the only children/retirees/DOG at Santacon.




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4 responses to “with ziggy

  1. big daddy pop-pop butch

    Readers should know that in the kitchen photo the J-Man is helping Big Daddy Pop-Pop Butch by plucking the leaves off of parsley plants to season the Carbonara. He did this very well, and an excellent meal was had by all. BDPPB

  2. sonjey

    The best present ever…… Spending time together.

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