five months


We’re over a week past your five month mark and so far you’re handling this big new age with aplomb.

You can roll over. Apparently. Several people have told me you do it, at least. So that would be cool if you ever want to demonstrate it in person to the person who gestated you for ten months and also gained weight and had sciatica and open abdominal surgery. But if not, that’s cool too. Stealth rolling works as well.

Simon, you’re awesome. You are the epitome of why people love babies: sweet-smelling, cuddly, eye-gazing, tiny little fingers grabbing, perfect soft skin snuggled beacon of sheer euphoric happiness.

When you are not shrieking at me out of hunger or fatigue and waking me up at night.

Our baby monitor has a mute button but it’s such a small flat, you know?

I love you. I do. Your smile slays me.

And blue has always been my favorite color.

Love, Mommy



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4 responses to “five months

  1. Beautifully perfect and perfectly beautiful boy.

  2. Beautifully perfect and perfectly beautiful boy.

  3. sonjey

    Simon is all of the above, and soon to be Jonah’s partner in crime!.. We adore him.

  4. He is perfect. Love that smile. Happy 5 months Simon!

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