So Thursday night last week, I took my dad and step-mom to see Handel’s Messiah performed at Royal Albert Hall by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and sung by no less than the combination of three choirs combined- a massed choir of 500 singing.

Messiah – a lifelong favorite of my father – is a classic, beautiful and understandably world-famous oratorio (I learned this word from Wikipedia). Towards the end is the Hallelujah chorus. Find it on youtube and you will get shivers. I whispered to my father that I had goosebumps and his response was: “you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t.”

In that rarefied air of Royal Albert Hall, with the reverberations of hundreds of Hallelujahs coursing through me, I could think of only the happiest thing: all the new babies! I have been slack this year but Welcome to all the December babies below. Hallelujah.

Julian in Minneapolis. I heart my newest "nephew" very, very much.

Griffin in NYC. Held by big sister Charlotte. How lucky to be born to an adoring fan and built-in playmate.

Charlie in NYC (if you count 204th Street as NYC). Charlie will probably be in a band and be an Eagles football fan. One of those things is cooler than the other.


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3 responses to “hallelujah!

  1. AutieFig

    It took 3 years, but we made the blog! We’re famous! Julian loves his gang o’boys & auntie across the pond already, i just know it.

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