two seasons at once

November and December (so far) are – dare I say it – my favourite months in London after May and June. So catching up…

Autumn was lovely. (American English: Fall was beautiful.) I am seeing what maternity leave can be like with a toddler, not just a baby. For me it feels 10 times amazinger. We explore every single day. And talk about our adventures. Sometimes lately we just throw leaves in the air.


I forgot to mention the Saturday we took the boys to the dog show in London. Because why not?


Christmas started in London around October. We like to visit Lego Santa. Although he might be Father Christmas. I don’t really understand the difference (but Wikipedia does).

Marylebone had its annual lighting of the holiday lights on the High Street.


At the end of Josh and Kaci’s visit, we took them on a speed tour of one teeny part of the Cotswolds. We saw Blenheim Palace, Bourton-on-the-Water, some sheep and at least two thatched roof houses before night fell (at 4:00pm in this part of the world) in Chipping Campden. (Some of these pics are my bro’s.)


Now, I wouldn’t normally publicize such an unflattering photo of my arse, but I need you to see this sky. DO YOU SEE THIS BLUE SKY? Thank you, I know. It’s awesome. This small section of England, you have really brought out your A-game recently.

It turns out you can hire out a pimped out fire engine in London for parties- kids or adults. Jen had one for Jack’s 3rd and Jonah did what all children do when confronted with one of their obsessions: go mute and stone cold serious.


Bryan and I went on a date Friday night at

-wait for it-

The Mall. Yep, the big mall I have written about before. We ate Vietnamese food and saw Moneyball (I know, the British people were at a movie about baseball!). Turns out The Mall makes a very nice Friday night date locale. It is gorgeous, huge, new, has amazing restaurants, a movie theatre where you can get VIP seats, indoor ice skating for the season and well, if the mood strikes you, you can buy gold bars from a vending machine.




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4 responses to “two seasons at once

  1. sonjey

    Wow, send me to the mall!!!!! with the boys, on the way to the Cotswolds!

  2. Laughing at you guys going on a date at the Mall. You’re way too urban chic for that! Love that picture of Bryan lifting Simon too.

  3. Uncle Josh

    We had a great time hanging with you guys for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to come back.

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