I didn’t even eat turkey until like 5 years ago. Weird, I know. Turkey’s fine. But I have been remembering lately that for like the first 15 Thanksgivings of my life, my parents always let me have ramen noodles instead. And I am just going to go on record and say ramen is more delicious than turkey.

Here we are, celebrating our third Thanksgiving actually in London. We’ll beam the parade and football in on the Slingbox. You can even buy French’s fried onions in London! It is so saturated with Thanksgiving, I think it’s only another decade before it becomes an official holiday here too.


We decided to spring for the organic, free range, fair trade, locally grown, minimal carbon footprint, chemical and hormone and baggage-free grain-foraging bird. I am used to what that means in the UK but my poor sister-in-law actually said in a nervous tone of voice to me: Um, there are still lots of wings. But even better, check out these dark feather pins still stuck in the skin:

Apparently they’re edible but I wish you could have seen the forlorn looks on the faces of this roomful of Americans. We don’t do feathers.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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5 responses to “thankfully

  1. Better than trying to stuff a ramen noodle. Happy Thanksgiving to six of the beats of my heart.

  2. sonjey

    Thankfully you were able to be with family and have a wonderful feast, feathers and all!

  3. Jac

    I suppose the UK is the only country in Europe where the turkey wouldn’t still come with its head and feet attached as well. Did you at least get a nice bloody bag containing the giblets? (Oh, sorry, the _organ meat_ as you guys call it…) Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

  4. I remember when Jonah wore that onesie!

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