josh & kaci in london (again!)

My brother and sister-in-law arrived in London this past Saturday for a weeklong visit. It’s been so great to have them here. Jonah asks all day long where they are- even if they’re in the next room. Simon gets more attention. There’s no such thing as Second Child Syndrome to an aunt and uncle.

We’ve done plenty of walking around the hood to enjoy London’s best: cheese shop, butcher, whisky shop, playground, farmers market… I am totally not prone to hyperbole. We have kicked it at home. We and they have been to museums. We spent at day at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. And the Seattleites have walked all over central London. I don’t feel as nervous when it’s grey or rainy if it’s them. And now we’re gonna get our Thanksgiving on.




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3 responses to “josh & kaci in london (again!)

  1. sonjey

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Love and miss you.

  2. Major love to all the Londonites and to Aunt Kaci and Uncle Josh!!!

  3. ron utt

    Hi Yael and Bryan, and Josh and Kaci, and Jonah and Simon: These are wonderful photos of wonderful people being a warm, close, caring and cuddly family. It just doesn’t get any better that that, and Michele and I are so pleased, and proud, and honored, to be somehow involved in all of this.

    Keep on Trucking! Big-Daddy Pop-Pop Butch and Mi Mi

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