lighter fare

Friday night MattnPat had a leaving do at their Marylebone flat and the theme was: Dress as a Song Title.

I will let you guess what we were:

And what these people were:

And these song titles were such good ideas, they were done twice!

It was good fun. Which is a British thing to say. You know what else is British? Theme parties in fancy dress.

It’s sooooo past Halloween, but I don’t care. If you haven’t seen this yet, it will make you laugh. Unless you are a robot- a mean robot.

Also if you’re not a mean robot: check out my husband’s new NY Jets blog HERE. I know what it’s like to be a new, nervous blogger and to wonder if anyone is reading what you’re writing except your parents. So far his parents are reading his. What Bryan writes about football might as well be typed in Vietnamese characters for how much I understand, but you should go there and comment anyway.



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14 responses to “lighter fare

  1. Dan did that to me last year and I bashed my fist into the wall. My song guesses are:
    “You Stole muh Shirt So I’m Wearin Yur Bra”
    “Red Balloons and Golden Balls”
    “Hey, Hey It’s the Monkees”
    “Poker Face”
    “Couple in White”
    blah blah blah I have no idea

  2. deix

    other than the “hey, hey it’s the monkeys” guy/gal, i’m lost. looks like such a fun time, though!

  3. sonjey

    The only one I think I got was…”Polka Face”… gee whiz… those clips from Halloween are priceless…… Thanks, and so what if Bryan’s parents are the only ones who read his blog? He has a tough act to follow!

  4. sonjey

    oops.. Poker instead of Polka… very funny

  5. erica

    is it bad that i’m laughing really hard at those kids’ reactions? is it bad that i don’t have kids yet, but i plan on doing that to them? and i’m not sure what you guys were….please tell us!

  6. yael

    Bombs Over Baghdad
    Smells Like Teen Spirit
    99 Luftballons
    Great Balls of Fire
    Hey Hey We’re the Monkees
    Poker Face
    White Wedding
    Gangster in Paradise
    99 Problems
    Empire State of Mind
    Devil in a Blue Dress

  7. Looks like fun. Love the costumes.

  8. One of your best blogs eva!!!!..Did you know that the last brothers on the video were right from “Strong Island”? They actually made it to the show last week. I think it’s on youtube as well… very cute and very funny!

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