halloween on a monday and now it’s tuesday… boo.

And I didn’t mean boo the scary way.

So basically Halloween was over by Sunday. That’s just how we do when it’s on a Monday, amirite? But I logged on to Facebook and realized that I had not yet posted a photo of my children wearing their costumes. Facebook friends, I swear I am a decent mom. Even today when I had a pretty crappy day and was reminded of this very accurate account of a SAHM day first sent to me by my friend Dana. (I would add #13: Did your boss scream and cry in your face the entire day and did you have to wear an extra 17 pound rucksack at all times no matter what you were doing?)

Anyway, I still have a few candy corns left (or is “candy corn kernels”?) because every year some super awesome friends and family members in the States mail me some, so for me I guess Halloween is still ongoing. And it’s so much bigger every year we’re in London. Or that’s just my Ameri-centric heart softening and I have created an alternate reality. Nonetheless, there are plenty of things to do for good times.

Sunday we went to a great kids’ party at Hard Rock Cafe (which is the original, so actually has some legit history) with a group of friends.

We have known for a long time that Jonah would dress up as Rastamouse. It’s far and away his favorite cartoon (stop motion, more accurately) and music. Because the show is new for 2011, there has been no merchandise yet to buy. Which meant the costume would have to be homemade. Which explodes a whole can of mom worms. Birthday cakes and Halloween costumes- there must be entire dissertations written about whether a good mom dares to resort to store-bought or not. I didn’t have a choice so homemade it was.

So I planned. And ordered. And cut and spray-painted. And even sewed (a brown mouse tail. Involving a wire hanger, pillow filling and brown fabric. My first and last crafty project). In the end, Jonah was too tired and cranky to agree to wear the rasta tam hat very often or to stand on the skateboard. And he kept rubbing the black make-up I used to create a nose and whiskers, which meant that he actually looked more like a coal miner most of the day (2012 costume idea!!).

Simon, on the other hand, was perfect and adorable as a hand-me-down pumpkin. That’s the beauty of having a toddler and a baby. You can often look at the baby and say: “Baby, you’re my good child.”


Speaking of candy corn, Dave D of Brooklyn Bococa fame sent me this about candy corn bagels. My only question is: why did it take this long?

Also, Greg was in London for the weekend. It’s like his 4th or 5th trip here and it’s the 4th or 5th time it’s been really nice to have him. We ate out, went to a Wilco concert, watched futbol, discussed as nauseam whether Weird Science is a good movie or not, went to the park, walked, drank and made sure Greg took care of our children and fixed large kitchen appliances. Greg is also suspicious of the world wide web, so please don’t tell anyone I mentioned his first name (the 35th most popular boy’s name in the US in 1976).



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3 responses to “halloween on a monday and now it’s tuesday… boo.

  1. Okay this is attempt #2 at a comment. My first didn’t go through.

    I’m sorry you had a crappy day. I would ask what happened but after reading that hilarious SAHM account can probably guess. I hope you are drinking heavily now. I am very impressed you made Jonah’s costume! I can’t even sew a button. And Simon looks adorable, I remember seeing his big brother in that costume.

  2. How much does Nene love this? T–H–I–S MUCH!

  3. sonjey

    I remember how Jonah LOVED Rastamouse…… I think the adults secretly love him just as much. great costume.

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