chilly, but with blue skies

See, I started with the negative. That’s annoying, right? What I want to say is: gorgeous clear blue skies every day, and a little bit brisk. Because honestly, I don’t mind this weather. It’s always a novelty at first to break out a scarf or favorite hat. Obviously, in 9 months when it is still winter in London, I will be over it. But for now, not so much. It feels good to take long walks. And you know I have nothing but time. Wait, that’s not true at all.

Phil and Kristen were visiting from NY for a long weekend, before heading to Amsterdam. We had a great time at Borough Market (my usual chorizo sandwich for me; bratwurst and ostrich burgers for them), a pub along the Thames, walking through the City to Holborn, a delicious curry dinner, steak frites and cocktails and watching NFL via the NFL Ticket (the one advantage for a sports-lover (not me) in living abroad). Most of all, they were awesome with Jonah. I think I am so used to how good Jonah is around adults and how much fun he can have in almost any situation, that sometimes I forget to just stop and be proud of him. But I am so proud. And when he grows weary of the long conversations and meals, he is just happy to play with his cars and trucks. Ah, toy cars and trucks. May your spell last for a long, long time.

We also had a 2 year-old’s birthday party to go to, engagement drinks and visiting a friend with a new baby. It has taken 15 years for me to realize that what I need is one room in the house that is just stocked with readily available gifts. So we might have to move flats again soon. Because of my gift room, remember?

I currently have a 1-inch line of eight stitches on my face (I will try to remember to take a photo). Basal cell carcinoma = gone (hopefully). I still don’t regret those many summers lifeguarding but I am vowing to get spray-tanned from here on out.

I think I mentioned our friend with a new baby who does not yet have a name. It’s been almost three weeks. Luckily I think they have 42 days by law to register the baby’s birth.

We Need to Talk About Kevin opens tonight in London and beyond. It stars Tilda Swinton and John C Reilly, among others, and is based on the best-selling novel from 2005. This movie was all the talk at Cannes earlier in the year, is based on a book by an American author, set in America, depicts a very American theme (school shooting) and stars Americans and yet as far as I can tell, is not having a US moment. Why is that? I read the book because it is some of the more impressive writing I have read in a long time, and was hooked from digital page one. However, I read it right when Simon was born and that timing I would not recommend. There is not much more haunting about a parent-child relationship or a monster of a child than this story. The trailer always gets me too. There will be Oscars.

But it’s Friday, so we have to end on a happy note. Out of nowhere today I wanted desperately to hear “Joe le taxi” by a 1980s 15-year old Vanessa Paradis. Yes, she of Johnny Depp common law marriage. When I lived for one month with a family in Saint-Étienne, France at the age of 17, pop star Vanessa Paradis had just released an English-language album with Lenny Kravitz. I was hooked and one of the boys in my host family gave me the cassette as a going away gift. I listened to it nonstop. I’ve pretty much always been known for my edgy and underground music taste. The opposite of that. Anyway, now her dancing makes me giggle. But I still love this song:



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5 responses to “chilly, but with blue skies

  1. Pleban

    sounds like you and that boy from your host family had a pretty serious thing going on…

  2. toshalot

    you put that song on a mix tape you sent to me in peace corps 😉

  3. Thanks – I hadn’t heard that Vanessa Paradis song in forever – I think I must have it on a cassette somewhere!

  4. I am with you on the room… maybe a move from London (or NY) would be required first!?!

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