this that and the other

We’ve been back almost a week and our re-assimilation to British culture has been pretty seamless. Tonight at a restaurant when it took 5 hours to get a tiny glass of tap water, I was a beacon of serenity.

The overnight flight back to London was as smooth as possible solo with a toddler and a baby. In fact, I only changed one diaper on the plane. Child cruelty was obviously involved. I must acknowledge British Airways for having some very helpful staff members. I am seriously often impressed by its employees. And they are not as strict as Virgin, nor do they so vigorously use the verb “pop”.


And don’t be alarmed by Simon’s face covering (even though passersby on the street have seemed rather concerned)- that’s just how he rolls.


Happy things upon arrival to the UK
stunning weather in London (a record high for October in 100 years)

Less exciting things upon arrival
Our building sealed in scaffolding, scaffolding wrap and workers right outside my window speaking in that kind of British English I cannot understand (except the vulgarities in the dialect. Those are crystal clear).
No one to cook for me or do my laundry
No one to take one of my kids when I say so
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups more difficult to procure

I also missed two babies being born to friends here. Bryan got the call in the middle of the night to come look after the daughter of one set of friends while they rushed to the hospital to have their son, Oscar London. I know Bryan is a man of many talents but being the go-to babysitter is a new one. So proud. And another set of friends also had a baby. But the sex and name are a secret. I swear.

I have been pretty busy on Google News US. What with presidential nominees dropping like flies, dubious things happening on Dancing With the Stars and the intricacies of the Italian judicial system. I’ve been intrigued by that particular story since Oprah interviewed the family a while back, and this now total news monopoly is my content all-you-can-eat buffet. I have hearted Bill Simmons, ESPN’s The Sports Guy, since he proclaimed Friday Night Lights the greatest television anywhere and for all time. But he has taken things to a new level with this recent tweet:

Things I’d do if I ran ABC, Vol. 199: make Amanda Knox the next Bachelorette.

Don’t toy with me.

And finally, this is an Apple house over here. Mad respect, Steve Jobs.

So long now. It’s time to fast and work on becoming righteous. No bigs.



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7 responses to “this that and the other

  1. AutieFig

    Although I miss seeing Simon’s sweet expressions, I commend your taste for cute & fashionable face-coverings.

  2. A Richmond girl

    Yael! Please expand upon these “face coverings”! Are they to block light for sleep? Are they a purchasable product or made by a genius friend who should immediately patent them? Also I’ll come and be at your beck and call to look after those two cutest boys ever. Just say the word. I’m in. Xo

    • yael

      Oh, please come to London! And then I’ll return the favor and come look after your darlings in Richmond : )

      So we use either the Angel Dear loveys or just a blanket for Simon’s face. Even more than Jonah, he sleeps so much better with something covering his eyes if he’s in a room with other people. Must be the light. I think he looks hilariously awesome like that so hopefully he never outgrows it. I wonder if anyone could patent something like that in today’s over kid-protective society. I can’t believe the US said car seats have to be rear-facing up to 2!!

  3. sonjey

    LOL’d to those pics….. Happy and healthy New Year to all. We sooooo miss your happy, sweet presence in our home. hugs and kisses to Jonah and Simon.

  4. Mira

    Your boys and I are kindred spirits…I too use something over my eyes when I sleep…it helps block out light and I like the pressure on my eyes, I guess. Nothing fancy, just a tshirt. Very sexy. If I get bored of my job maybe I’ll patent an adult version. Glad you all had a smooth trip back. World travelers, those two.

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