usa usa usa! week 5: arlington, again

We spent our last full week back at my mom and stepdad’s and had the incredibly good fortune of my brothers and sister-in-law coming into town, and them finally meeting the Great Simon. Jonah is smitten with his uncles and aunts, and I must say my brothers are some pretty fun dudes. We promise our boys will always hold the Redskins as their second favorite NFL team if my bros promise to keep teaching them cool tricks, like how to recite Borat lines after fist-bumping.


The whole family got together. (And a kitty litter box cake was made for Dan’s birthday. Seriously)


I managed to actually go out to dinner with Becky and Summer one night. It’s borrowed time when there are collectively 6 children being looked after by grandparents, and at least three waiting for a boob at some point. Pardon my French. But it was nice to get out and see how crazily trendy my old town has become. Speaking of Arlington, according to Businessweek it’s the second best place to live in the whole country!

Look at these illuminated menus.

we saw more friends


Nanny came down to Virginia for more London grandson time


and we had more great times with NeNe and Dede, including a perfect finish to the whole trip with a day at Cox Farms


I can’t believe our 5 weeks in the US are over. I can’t believe how well I packed. Or how many things went smoothly. How many family members we saw, how many friends, and how many hot dogs and bagels and bacon and Italian subs and tacos I ate. It was summertime when I arrived. It is definitely autumn now.

As I try to psyche myself up for a redeye flight alone with two small children, I remain glowing that we had a nice, long taste of the good life from whence I came. A few nights ago there was an epic thunderstorm and we meandered to the front porch of the house in the evening to see the constant lighting and the sheets of rain so loud it drowned out the thunder as nature’s great white noise. It made me think again how I love this country. Front porches and dramatic weather. And a million other things.



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3 responses to “usa usa usa! week 5: arlington, again

  1. kate

    I think I blew up every picture in this post…wanting more details! SO HAPPY you had such a great trip and y’all were able to connect with so many people. Seems amazing! Sad we couldn’t connect….but life is crazy! Love you all!

  2. toshalot

    so wonderful seeing you all while you were here 🙂

  3. Big Bro

    That was a fun weekend! Can’t wait to see you guys again in November.

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