usa usa usa! week 3: arlington

There are lots of Arlingtons in this great nation, but I am from the best one, and we spent all last week there. Arlington, Virginia. Famous for closer proximity to downtown Washington, DC than 90% of actual Washington, DC has. And also famous for The Italian Store. Mmm. We always eat one of their subs upon arrival. (And I guess Arlington is also famous for the Pentagon and the Cemetery or whatever).

Jonah and Simon have been keeping up their streak of getting total adoring attention, love and lots of toys from their Virginia grandparents. First stop was my mom and stepdad, NeNe and Dede. The weather has been good and it’s been fun to start seeing my home state through the eyes of a toddler. In Arlington we stayed at my mom and stepdad’s, NeNe and Dede.

on the way there from NJ, we stopped in to see my Great Aunt Gert, and introduced her to the boys

Jonah and Simon love my mom and Dan’s house


toddler activities also included a picnic at the playground before Bryan had to head back to London, the County library and the National Zoo


a few of us hosted a baby shower over the weekend for Margaret and Patrick


Summer made her amazing rainbow cake for the shower


and the week ended with a lovely dinner chez Russell to celebrate Simon


we miss Bryan, but he does a pretty mean Elmo on Skype



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4 responses to “usa usa usa! week 3: arlington

  1. Aunt Gert looks adorable in the photo! All of these are great. My photo album will be bursting.

  2. Jenny

    So cute!!! That rainbow cake is awesome too! Can I get the recipe?

  3. sonjey

    Wow, what a wonderful time everyone is having. We are all blessed!

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