usa usa usa! week 1: long island

A little over a week ago, we flew right into JFK airport as basically the last flight from Europe allowed to land there. Remember when Hurricane Irene was supposed to be so crazy? It was just luck that we weren’t on one of the many fights cancelled, and also that because of a complicated combo of timing and miles, we flew Business Class. I always like seeing how the other half lives. They live well.

At seven weeks old, Simon went on his first international flight.

Our first week of visiting in the States has been to Long Island, the birthplace of my beloved and present home of his mom and sister etc. We flew in in just enough time to enjoy some biblical winds and for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene to obliterate power for 1/3 of the population here. It was only out for 24 hours at my mother-in-law’s house which was just enough time to enjoy the novelty of a candlelight dinner and go MacGyver on a clock radio.

Also because it’s Long Island and the United States, I have consumed my weight in amazing pasta, hamburgers, real bacon, hot dogs, real still lemonade and Entenmann’s crumb topped doughnuts. My fellow Yankees abroad will agree that our time away makes us forget these things. I actually was confused a couple of days ago when a waitress asked me what I was drinking. It was as though she was CIA trying to collect intelligence for how paranoid I got. OH YEAH, FREE REFILLS! This is a great country. Free refills. Make a note, England.

It’s been wonderful to be with family, have more of them meet Simon and to see how much Jonah enjoys his cousins. Because we do these long visits only a couple of times a year, it’s easy to track the differences in Jonah’s ages and how he interacts with family as he gets older and how they react to him. The oldest cousin Aidan also adores baby Simon. I love bearing witness.

hanging out


dressing alike


Mets game (Simon’s first)


Poppy flew up from Florida to visit


White Post Farms


Bobb Howard’s General Store – Bryan’s aunt and uncle own an old-time candy shop


4 generations – visiting Bryan’s Grandma


amusement park and Jonah’s first roller coaster (‘cary!!)




Labor Day bbq




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4 responses to “usa usa usa! week 1: long island

  1. sonjey


  2. Oh was a fabulous visit! The photos are amazing. Love the one of nanny and Her Guys!!!

  3. Virginia

    You guys look like you are having a fabulous time visiting all the family! Love all the pictures, wish I could see you guys and meet Simon 😦 Hopefully next time. Enjoy VA and smooth travels back to the UK!!!

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