Bryan’s mom, my MIL, Jonah and Simon’s Nanny, left this past Friday after a ten-day visit. She went “upanddown” (Jonah says it that way so I guess he doesn’t have to work out the difference between the two) on a plane and Jonah asked me where she was first thing in the morning when he woke up. Nanny gone.

We were able to eat out lots and picnic in the parks and shop and have some fun excursions, but the best part of all was how much time Nanny had to hang out with and take care of the two boys. It’s her sixth visit to us in London and she navigates the neighborhood like a pro, takes good care of us, showers us with gifts and treats from the US and most of all brings an incredible amount of joy to Jonah and Simon. She has four grandsons and each one of them is beyond lucky to have her.

just hangin’


Bryan’s birthday


Cotswolds day trip


one bag is hers, one is mine. guess.


Natural History Museum, butterfly exhibit and dinos


Buckingham Palace to see THE dress that Kate wore


And happy birthday today, Sonj!



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3 responses to “nannytime

  1. Hurray for Nanny! What a positive spirit to have around!

  2. sonjey

    Loved everyday of being with my beautiful family. Can’t wait to see you in New York.

  3. toshalot

    so much fun 🙂 you all look great!

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