s is for…

slacker blogger (that’s me)

sandra/sandy/sonjey (mother-in-law has been visiting for the past week and that’s why I’m a slacker blogger)

and also for

simon the smiler!

I might actually post soon about all our busy days and this London life, but for now here is a very recent pic of the littlest man. Peninna, the avid blog follower and very-nice-package-sender (peanut butter Snickers!), is responsible for naming our son Simon so it is perfectly perfect that she sent him this little outfit.



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5 responses to “s is for…

  1. Poren

    Wow. That Simon is nothing short of the perfect smiler. Loves.

  2. sonjey

    I’ve been lovin his smiles morning, noon and night. This “S” is smitten for my Simon!

  3. S is for ‘S’o incredibly adorable…

  4. what a happy looking little fella 🙂

  5. toshalot

    so very sweet 🙂

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