bryan is now the same age as me

It happens every year on August 11- I get to stop robbing the cradle.

I surprised Bryan for his birthday with 18 holes of golf with five friends this past Sunday. They all waited outside our building and when Bryan got onto the sidewalk (pavement if you’re British), they were ready with the cars and the bag was packed. While the course was beautiful (so I heard), the weather great and the company spot-on, the real gift was the all day hall pass away from hearing a baby screaming on and off for 6 hours and a toddler spilling orange juice on purpose but then exclaiming “oh no!” as if surprised, multiple times. Not that my Sunday went that way. Yes it did. But what I love about the golf day is that the group was 1 Brit, 1 Italian, 1 Aussie and 3 Americans. Only in London (or Hong Kong. Let’s be honest).


Tonight is sushi and cocktails with friends. Three of my man’s favorite things.

But his real favorite thing are the Jets. Which is why when he received a birthday card from the team with a birthday message recording from Rex Ryan inside, I can honestly say I have possibly never seen Bryan that excited in my life.


Happy birthday, baby. 35 is where all the cool kids are.



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2 responses to “bryan is now the same age as me

  1. sonjey

    Happy birthday Bry…. so special that I can spend it with you and your family…Such a great day………. and Rex Ryan is so cool!

  2. toshalot

    Happy birthday, Bryan! Welcome to 35 🙂

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