this riot is a riot!

Or not.

People from the US have very kindly asked after us. We are safe and sound at the minute (moment is not what the locals say). Although what we hear and see on the news is horrible, central London has been unscathed so far. It feels like it’s faraway in many respects- but I have heard more sirens today than in total from the past 3+ years. And I was very surprised to see some shops on the High Street and around the neighborhood getting boarded up or at least closing early. Perhaps they know something we don’t.

As I have been saying all day: who would want to loot organic free-range fair trade locally grown and sourced vegan artisan BPA-free baby clothes when they can go elsewhere and get a plasma TV?

I hope for a quiet and calm London tonight. But who knows.




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2 responses to “this riot is a riot!

  1. Poren

    I love the photojournalism and the front-line reporting. Stay safe!!!

  2. erica

    Stay safe!
    (Don’t go looting the baby stores!)

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