and so we’re four now

I was starting to think I would never blog again. But looky, here we are!

Yesterday was my very first day as a Mom of TWO, at home alone. My mom left yesterday afternoon after a month here. Anyway, I have lived to tell the tale.

So we brought Simon home from the hospital the very next day after an emergency C section after a night of labor trying for a VBAC. If you don’t know that acronym, you might be sorry if you look it up. So anyway, our beautiful (hairy) Simon came home almost three weeks ago and it’s true what everyone told me: I am able to, and do, love him with my whole heart as much as I do Jonah. Phew. That would have been awkward otherwise. I sometimes catch myself saying to people: “he is such a good baby.” I forget sometimes that it’s a mean thing to say because it implies some babies are “bad”. So I guess I would say Simon is an easyish baby. He eats and sleeps and you know, does the third thing. And I am feeling better by the day.


My mother, Jonah and Simon’s NeNe, was an amazing presence for us this past month. She saw me through a new flat move-in, my tenth month of pregnancy and unpleasant sciatica, the craziness surrounding me changing my mind daily about how I wanted the baby to be born, going head-to-head with the NHS, the day of painful contractions, an overnight in the hospital, Simon’s arrival, my hormonal outbursts and post-delivery pain and the weeks after trying to get used to a bigger family. She unpacked our boxes, decorated, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, took Jonah on outings, let us sleep in, talked to delivery people, ran errands, hosted our friends, fielded phone calls, and 200 other things I probably never even noticed. My mom made our lives a million times easier and brought an additional level of comfort to our home. She put up with my sometimes bad-attitude. She kept me company in all the days that weren’t easy. She never complained at hoisting 35 pounds of toddler in and out, up and down, all over town. NeNe and Jonah, as always, bonded big time. He cried even harder than me when her taxi pulled away. I realized when she left that I never had grandparents in my life the way my children do. And that’s why I am learning along with them how good it can be.


So many things have happened since Simon was born that take me right back to Jonah. It’s fun to remember and re-live all those things. Like the clothes that are mostly hand-me-downs! But which I feel very sentimental about. Remembering all the uncontrolled motions and faces that newborns make. I love. And even the hard stuff, like being reminded how nursing is in the beginning. One small thing that I appreciated again was the NHS. Just days after the birth, midwives and health visitors visit your home to weigh the baby, take blood, check on mum’s health and well-being, and make sure we have all the community resources we need to thrive. It’s an amazing service that I am sure pays off in the long run to the taxpayers. Another reminder how much more civilized it is to be pregnant and give birth and take maternity leave here.

One other reminder is the outpouring of love and happiness from family and friends. We feel it. Especially in the mail daily. I am blown away by the sentiments and gestures and food and flowers and gifts and gifts and more gifts. Simon is a very lucky boy. As is Jonah. As are we.

My mom noticed something I never did. Look at the cover photo on my favorite pregnancy book from the past 3 years. Does the mum look like anyone?



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6 responses to “and so we’re four now

  1. Lauren

    Yael, Simon is beautiful! Congratulations to the new addition to your family. I feel very lucky, like you, that my mom can be a big a part of Luke’s life as she is. We are very lucky to have such amazing mothers to guide us in becoming great mothers ourselves. I couldn’t do it without her. Enjoy your expanding family! I can’t wait to meet him!

  2. sonjey Sandy Russell

    OMG! What a beautiful post. You are so lucky Yael, to have such a beautiful thing such as your mom…NeNe. Your story was priceless and the cover picture is so Yael and baby!..Can’t wait to pick up where NeNe left off. I’ll try my best…

  3. kate

    i cried when i read about your mom leaving. amazing to have such support….

  4. NeNe keeps reliving the countless magical moments. What a gift.

  5. Elizabeth

    Welcome back to blogging! You totally look like the mum on the cover of that book.

  6. Virginia

    What a great post…from a mother of two! And what a great gift it was for all for NeNe to have been able to spend so much time there to really enjoy everyone and been able to share in so much with all of you (even the “sometimes” bad attitude…dude you were 10 months preganant and than a post birth emotional irrational and very hormonal mother …she understood)! Awesome picts!!!

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